Welcome to the Brown Lab

We explore the how children’s and adolescents’ academic, psychological, and social lives are shaped by the social groups they belong to. 

Christia Brown, Ph.D

Dr. Brown is a professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky.

Diverse Students

The Brown Lab currently has three graduate students from diverse backgrounds and with diverse research interests.

Undergraduate Research

We are dedicated to both educating undergraduates about social inequalities and training them to conduct their own social inequality research.

What’s New?

We like to stay busy as a lab! We attend conferences, give interviews and guest lectures, and work closely with our community to share our research with as many people as possible.

University Resources


The Center for Equality and Social Justice at the University of Kentucky

MLK Center

The Martin Luther King Center at the University of Kentucky

Inclusive Excellence

The Office of Institutional Diversity at the University of Kentucky